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e-mental health program - in development

Innovative online education & training program developed by Dr Gary Galambos to aide Recovery from mental disorders through clinician-aide model of care (facilitate mental health treatment being provided in one-to-one care by a mental health clinician or general practitioner) or Avatar-guided model of care as well as increasing Resilience & sustaining Peak Performance. Telehealth Psychiatric Assessment & Diagnosis & Online Therapist help also in development.

This is a unique web-based program using explanatory visual models -- removing jargon by introducing a unique & engaging pictorial design at the heart of this psycho-educational & skills development tool. It contrasts starkly to online programs build around wordy descriptions that are poorly engaging due to their low sophistication (for example, over-simplistic clunky programs built solely around cognitive behavioural models) designed by non-psychiatrist academics rather than experienced clinicians. This program uses a mix of dimensional, psychotherapeutic, neuroscience & leading neuroplasticity models.

It has been developed in the course of decades of direct clinical experience with patients & in collaboration with patients.